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Edge Rounding

Edge rounding (also known as edge radiusing) is the process of removing the vertical burrs, nibble marks, or scallops on the holes and edges of a deburred metal part. Metalworkers use edge rounding to break the edge of processed components, allowing for optimal coating coverage and corrosion protection.



Part Strength & Durability

Rounded metal parts will bond correctly with coatings, increasing their surface strength and durability in the process. (This is especially important for high-contact components.) Fully coated parts are more resistant to corrosion, operational wear and tear, abrasion, and many other types of damage


Part Aesthetics

Rounding metal parts allows them to be properly coated and painted, creating functional products with an attractive aesthetic. Metal components free of sharp edges create a perfect bonding surface for paints, reducing the risk of peeling and being forced to reapply paint coatings over time.


Physical & Electrical Properties

Rounded metal parts are compatible with a wide range of protective coatings, including those that support electrical conductivity, heat resistance, and cryogenic stability. For these protective coatings to bond properly, each metal part must be completely free of burrs, scallops, and other surface imperfections.


Applications of Metal Edge Rounding

Metal edge rounding is a versatile process that can be used to support a variety of metalworking projects. Generally, this solution is ideal for creating the best possible finish on laser-cut or machined metal parts. Edge rounding is a fast and efficient way to remove imperfections from parts with sharp edges or holes across many industries, ranging from automotive to healthcare.

One unique application of metal edge rounding is creating an ideal finish on parts with unique cosmetic requirements. For example, a modern edge rounding tool can round the edges of a stainless steel part without marring its surface or tearing off any protective sheeting.

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