Advantages of Cobot Laser Welding – LightBOT

Cobot laser welding is a type of welding that combines the precision of a laser beam with the flexibility and ease of use of a collaborative robot, also known as a cobot. The cobot is programmed to move the laser welding head along the weld path, while the laser beam provides the heat required to fuse the materials together.

Cobot laser welding is particularly well-suited to welding small to medium-sized parts with high precision, such as those used in the medical or aerospace industries. The cobot can easily be programmed to adjust the position of the laser welding head to accommodate for different part geometries and sizes, making it a highly flexible solution for a range of welding applications.

One of the advantages of LightBOT laser welding is that it is a highly repeatable process, which reduces the risk of defects and ensures consistent quality across production runs. The technology also offers a high degree of control over the welding process, allowing for adjustments to be made in real-time to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Another advantage of cobot laser welding is that it is a low-heat input process, which minimizes the risk of material distortion and cracking. This makes it a useful technology for welding thin materials, where traditional welding methods may cause warping or deformation.

Overall, LightBOT laser welding offers a range of benefits, including high precision, flexibility, and ease of use. With its ability to deliver consistent quality and high repeatability, cobot laser welding is an attractive solution for manufacturers looking to improve their welding processes and increase productivity.


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