The advent of computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machines has elevated 3D laser cutting as a superior option for manufacturers. One of the key reasons why we love using 3D lasers in conjunction with CNC systems is because it simplifies the process of cutting complex designs. It also provides fast turnaround times for high volume projects. Here are other reasons to consider this precision solution for your laser cutting projects.

How Many Dimensions?

Whether you choose 2D or 3D cuts, the result should generally be a clean, professional cut. One of the primary differences between these laser cutting methods is that a 5-axis system provides more depth and definition. By contrast, a traditional 3-axis design usually involves cutting on a single plane, which means it’s dramatically limited. Both 2 and 3 dimensional laser cutting jobs allow for cutting on flat, slanted or curved surfaces.

A 3D design certainly looks more innovative and futuristic by comparison, while the 2D laser cutting approach is more affordable. The 3-axis system utilizes an X, Y and Z axis, as the 5-axis system adds a A and B axis. These designs are created in a computer graphics program that directs the controller where to make laser cuts. The 3D approach is not as common as 2D, but is used by high-end companies when projects call for maximum precision on stamped, formed and spun parts.

When choosing to work with two dimensions on flat sheet materials the depth is consistent for all cutting. Adding a third dimension suggests there are different levels of depth to cut. If your project involves repeated cutting of complex curves quickly at variable depths, the best solution is 3D laser cutting.

Precision and Repeatability

A huge advantage to 3D laser cutting over traditional cutting methods is that it saves time and money. A company that needs to fill a large order in a short time frame gets more efficiency out of 3D laser cutting than any other method. A typical cutting project that takes about a month to complete can be cut down to a matter of a few days using 3D laser technology.

OEMs and fabricators commonly use 3D lasers as a solution to meet quick deadlines for partners, suppliers and investors. Ultimately, the more sophisticated the job and the more precision is required, the greater the likelihood you need to use the 3D laser solution. It’s the most reliable choice when precision cuts to .004 are required.


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