Manufacturers of various industries invest in CNC laser machines due to their extensive versatility. The machines can cut a diverse array of materials such as metal, wood and plastic. They’ve contributed to making the building blocks of modern technology more cost efficient. They also are versatile in terms of size necessity, and can provide solutions for mass production, a short run, or a prototype.

Innovating Endless New Products

Startups are often based on one product, then if it brings success, they offer a line of multiple products. The aim of running a diverse enterprise can lead to greater profits, which attracts funding that may expand the firm globally. CNC laser machines factor into every stage of this development, since they can be used for a never-ending stream of new prototypes and mass produced items.

Products Made by CNC Laser Machines

  • automotive,  aircraft and spacecraft parts
  • construction equipment parts
  • electronic components
  • jewelry
  • medical devices
  • plastic outer layers of gadgets
  • tools
  • traffic signs
  • wooden furniture

How CNC Laser Machines Inspire Innovation

CNC machines are ideal for inventors aiming to pioneer new products on a regular basis. They allow for fast turnaround times, especially for prototypes. Simply create a product design in an AutoCAD platform, which easily integrates with CNC laser technology. The machine does the work of cutting, bending of various materials and several other functions based on your instructions.

New patent applications are continuously filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, creating long wait periods for government approval. During this time, an entrepreneur or company may decide it wants to market a new product prior to acquiring the patent. So they file for a “Patent Pending” status seeking a competitive edge. They may then order a limited volume of the products for test marketing or introduce the product to attempt market disruption.

Another way these intelligent laser cutters are revolutionizing the marketplace is that they are accelerating product development based on more predictable scalability than last century. They have sped up product development, particularly for the medical industry. Developers can now test new products more often and more efficiently, reducing production costs compared with traditional production methods.

Private Label Manufacturing

The proliferation of private label products has been due partly to the streamlining and cost efficiency of the CNC laser machine. It allows for quick turn around time on small or large volume with easy scalability. So it has inspired many new startups that test a series of innovative ideas then narrow the focus on the ones that work. The high level precision attributed to laser properties contributes to high quality output.

Although these powerful machines are too expensive for most startups to purchase outright, many new firms turn to experts for production services. It results in faster product cycles and decisions on branding diversity.


The CNC laser machine has played an enormous role in modern mass production, creating a wide universe of products. Contact us at Serra Laser & Waterjet for more information on how CNC machines can be used to help your production needs.

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