Important Factors in a Laser Cut Acrylic Project

Acrylics are polymer fibers that were first developed by DuPont in the early 1940s. These fibers often make up the materials for sweaters and tracksuits due to the warmth they provide. Since these wool-like fibers have incredible strength, they are used for furniture and travel bags. The laser is an ideal tool for cutting this strong material. […]

The Revolution of CNC Milling Machines

Manufacturers commonly use computer numerical control (CNC) milling machines for cutting, tapping, countersinking and cutting complex features. CNC milling machines help save time and money, allowing fabricators economic ways to transform objects into products. Here are key points to know about CNC machines and why they are widely used across many industries. How CNC Machines Have […]

A Deeper Look at Laser Cut Thin Metal Fabrication

A primary reason why fabricators use laser machines is because they are effective at cutting various type of sheet metal, as long as it isn’t too thick. For thicker plates, manufacturers use plasma cutters. Thin metals can be cut with various tools, but the key advantage to laser cutters is that they provide precision without using excessive […]

Making the Most of Precision Wood Cutting

Laser cutters can be used to cut or manipulate a wide range of materials, including wood. For high-end precision wood cutting, many fabricators use either a 2-D or 3-D laser cutter. Key reasons why lasers are favored over other cutting tools when it comes to woodwork is the speed, accuracy and versatility they provide. Here […]

The Basics of Laser Cut Copper

Copper is a vital component in many industrial, technological, and engineering projects. Cutting copper is a challenging task because the metal is more of a reflector than an absorber of infrared laser light. While there are several different types of laser cutters, we most often recommend fiber lasers for cutting copper and other non-ferrous metals. Below we’ll […]

The Uses of Tapping and Countersinking

While a CNC machine can handle a wide range of cutting, sometimes manual tapping and countersinking are needed to add finishing touches to a machine part. Tapping involves cutting threads on the inside surface of a hole. Countersinking means cutting a conical hole into metal, usually to allow space for a screw or bolt. Sometimes […]

How to Utilize Titanium Laser Cutting

Titanium, like aluminum, is a non-ferrous metal because it lacks iron, so it resists corrosion. The metal maintains strength while bonding with other elements such as oxygen, which is why it’s commonly used as an alloy. Here are key points to keep in mind about titanium laser cutting. Strength of Titanium Although titanium is as strong as […]

Aluminum Laser Cutting Basics

Manufacturers of beverages use aluminum laser cutting machines, which are a fast and accurate method for high volume orders. Laser technology goes back to the sixties and has greatly improved in recent years. Here are important facts to consider about laser cutting for aluminum materials. What Makes Aluminum Unique? Aluminum is an abundant metal, occupying about […]

Keys to Successful Thick Plate Cutting

Whether cutting sheet metal or thick plate, the result from a laser cutter is precise. When a company has a need for both quantity and quality, the laser cutter is a strong solution for cutting thick metal. Here are key factors to keep in mind to produce high quality results from thick plate cutting. How […]

Precision Laser Cutting Basics

When you need products to be manufactured with precision, it’s best to use a laser cutter. More traditional methods of cutting and shaping materials usually involve more steps and create more waste. A laser cutter, however, can be programed to cut with precision and can produce multiple products per minute. Here are key basics for […]

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