The Benefits of Working With a Job Shop Like Serra Laser

When a company is looking to work with a job shop, such as Serra Laser, there are a few things they should look for. In this blog post, we will analyze the role and services that job shops provide and how they can benefit your company. The Role and Services of a Job Shop As […]

Using Large Sheet CNC Hi-Def Plasma Cutting Machines

Many fabricators work on large sheet plasma cutting machines due to superior cuts and greater speed for thicker materials. The significance of plasma cutting machines is that they use high speed ionized plasma (gas) in which a torch from the plasma cutter heats and melts metal as well as conducts electricity. Here are important points […]

All About Titanium Laser Cutting

Titanium is a strong yet lightweight silver metal growing in popularity for use in the aerospace and medical industries. It’s also commonly used in jewelry, scissors and mobile phones. Another reason for its wider use is its corrosion resistance. As a common alloy, titanium is often mixed with iron, aluminum and other metals. Here are important points to […]

Principles of 3D Laser Cutting

The advent of computer numerical control (CNC) cutting machines has elevated 3D laser cutting as a superior option for manufacturers. One of the key reasons why we love using 3D lasers in conjunction with CNC systems is because it simplifies the process of cutting complex designs. It also provides fast turnaround times for high volume projects. Here […]

How Industrial Metal Supply Affects Manufacturing

Every manufacturer that relies on an industrial metal supply must keep an eye on financial news that affects commodity prices, as they can have a major effect on your profit margins. Since we often work with original manufacturers, we’re familiar with the frustrations of industrial metal supply. Here’s an overview of the challenges that many companies […]

Purposes and Process of Laser Engraving

One of the best ways to turn manufacturing material into art is with laser engraving, which serves several other purposes as well. Generally, this process is used to create images on surface material. Here are important aspects of the process. Common Engraving Projects jewelry wooden, metal and plastic signs musical instruments furniture art framing leather designs ID […]

The Proper Procedure When Manufacturing With Bar Stock

Bar stock is raw purified metal used in many manufacturing products. It comes in many shapes and sizes and is most effectively cut by a laser machine. Shapes tend to be round, rectangular or square, but can also be hexagonal. The metal is rolled into a bar and typically takes the form of long rods or […]

Manufacturing Laser Cut Preformed Parts

Today the most effective way for manufacturers to cut preformed machine parts is with a 3D laser cutter. The process involves designing parts in computer-assisted design (CAD) software then programming a laser machine to automatically cut preformed parts quickly on sheet metal, pre-bent tubing or other material. This technology is widely adopted by fabricators to […]

How Laser Marking Improves Fabrication Efficiency

Laser marking is used by manufacturers and designers to make a permanent impression on a material such as metal, plastic, film, laminates and others. This process encompasses a wide variety of marking applications. Here are essential points to keep in mind regarding laser engraving to get the most efficient and high quality results. Why Laser Machines Are […]

Important Safety Tips When Considering a Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Purchase

Many businesses outsource their fabrication projects to a laser cutting company. This can be a wise move if they don’t have the proper equipment, financial resources or trained staff to do the job themselves. But if you’re ready to purchase a machine to bring your fiber laser cutting projects in house, here are four factors […]

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