An emerging technology that metal fabricators should be watching is fiber laser cutting. This high speed cutting process can help you become more productive and flexible. Whether you decide to buy a laser cutter for your own in-house work, or you outsource to a shop like Serra Laser, here are some reasons workshops and manufacturers should consider utilizing fiber lasers for their ongoing projects.

High Power, Fast Action, and Large Scale

Our recent buy, a Han’s HF 8,000 Watt Fiber Laser, is a high-speed cutting machine designed to handle a series of cutting projects seamlessly. The high power is enormous compared with the output of traditional CO2 laser cutters.

One of the key features of this machine is its large table size of 6.5 ft by 13 ft, which is rare in California. The cutter is designed for crafting high quality industrial equipment. It can drill 64 quarter inch holes in eight seconds.

Drilling multiple holes, laser etching and stitch cutting can do done in a matter of seconds. It’s an excellent tool for a high volume fabricating business that needs to meet quick deadlines. It’s convenient if you work with a manufacturer that wants to rush hundreds or thousands of units to market for a new product release.

This machine has the potential to take the place of multiple assembly line workers for companies, helping manufactures cut costs. Cutting production costs has a ripple effect throughout the entire supply chain, helping you to improve efficiency and deliver on a deadline.

Cutting Multiple Designs

The automated arm of the laser cutter is able to drill a series of holes on metal using ping pong movement, based on a design programmed by the operator. The arrangement of these holes can vary from being inches apart to a grid pattern of many holes close together. The cutter can also cut a customized variety of shapes such as arrows, making it useful if you work with a broad range of clients.

The machine can complete complex multi-task assignments, making it a powerful resource for increasing productivity while lowering costs. Industrial manufacturers – particularly in the automotive and aerospace industries – along with the military will find the fiber laser useful. It’s also an effective tool for developing auto parts such as engines and metal casings.

Watch the Han’s HF 8,000 Watt Fiber Laser at Work


Other Advantages

Fiber laser cutting opens the door to fabricators who specialize in high volume and high quality metal cutting to improve their operations. Another economic advantage to a fiber laser is that it has no moving parts, reducing maintenance costs. Its high electrical efficiency also saves money, since it requires less energy than a conventional CO2 laser cutter.

Using fiber laser cutting equipment can help you meet deadlines quicker without sacrificing accuracy. Contact us at Serra Laser to learn more about the cutting technology most appropriate for your needs.

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